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Evidence for Two Facets of Pride in Consumption: Findings from Luxury Brands

Brent McFerran, Simon Fraser University, Canada; Karl Aquino and Jessica L. Tracy, University of British Columbia, Canada Global demand for luxury goods is strong and rapidly growing, with over $200 billion in annual sales each year. Consumers purchase these goods for a variety of reasons, among them because they convey a sense of status, wealth, and exclusivity […]
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Can you experience love at first “swipe”?

Rhonda Hadi, Oxford University, UK and Ana Valenzuela, Baruch College, CUNY & Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain A Meaningful Embrace: Contingent Effects of Embodied Cues of Affection ​Research from Oxford University and Baruch College suggests that people might be “bonding” with products without even realizing it. It’s not uncommon, of course, for people to treat some […]
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