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SCP Doctoral Consortium 2014

The doctoral consortium, organized by Cait Lamberton and Mike Norton, was kicked off by inspiring words from the SCP president, Darren Dahl, and the conference chairs Americus Reed and Mark Forehand. Darren encouraged PhD students to be less shy and talk to experienced researchers – while they might not become your new Best Friend, SCP […]
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The Happiness Survey

In advance of the SCP Doctoral Consortium, the co-chairs Cait Lamberton and Mike Norton conducted a “Happiness Survey” among SCP members on both their PhD experience and life afterwards. Powered by the collective knowledge of about 200 members, Cait and Mike revealed a stream of insights into what makes for a happy PhD experience. The […]
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Darren Dahl Presidential Address – SCP Conference 2014

Outgoing SCP president Darren Dahl gave an inspiring talk as his presidential address at the Annual Conference in Miami – in case you missed it, watch the unofficial video here!