Welcome to the new official blog of the Society for Consumer Psychology! 

As a part of the new communications drive, SCP is launching its own blog. The aim of the blog is two-fold: primarily to serve as a bridge between the Society and the Journal for Consumer Psychology and the general public as a platform for press releases, and secondarily as a bridge between the Society and its members providing in-depth coverage of issues that interest the membership.

To kick off the blog, we have several posts covering the recent annual conference in Miami in February but going forward the main focus of the blog will be to promote research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology to the public.

If you’re  a member of the media, you can sign up for the blog updates to receive the latest press releases automatically: these will be signposted with [Press] to distinguish them from other posts that may not be of interest to you. Posts to the membership will be less frequent and mostly limited to the annual conference.

We hope you enjoy the blog and welcome any feedback you may have!

For media queries or other questions relating to the blog, please contact SCP Communications Officer Elina Halonen at elina@myscp.org.

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