Michel Pham Named SCP Fellow

michel pictureMichel Tuan Pham is the Kravis Professor of Business at Columbia University. He received his PhD in Marketing from the University of Florida and a Licence in Applied Economics from the Catholic University of Mons in Belgium. Michel held visiting professorships at the University of Chicago, the Catholic University of Leuven, the China Europe International Business School, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Singapore Management University, and the Sorbonne.

The SCP Fellows Committee, comprised of current SCP Fellows Valerie Folkes (Chair), John Lynch, and Joan Meyers-Levy commends Michel’s research on affect and decision making for “help[ing] our field focus on feelings and how they influence consumers’ thought processes, an important counterbalance to the domination of purely cognitive factors in the consumer decision making literature”. The committee also recognizes Michel’s contributions on regulatory focus theory. It refers to his work as path-breaking, innovative, and integrative. In addition to his scientific contributions, the committee lauds Michel’s active engagement in the advancement of the field of Consumer Psychology.

Among many other contributions, Michel has helped to shape our field as Research Dialogues Area Editor for SCP’s flagship journal, the Journal of Consumer Psychology and as SCP President. His article based on his presidential address entitled “The Seven Sins of Consumer Psychology” (Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2013) critically evaluates the state of our field and provides clear guidance for the future.

The Society for Consumer Psychology is pleased to recognize Michel’s outstanding scholarship and leadership by naming him as an SCP Fellow, which is our Society’s highest honor.

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